Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Things are not as they seem...

I've gotten a lot of lovely compliments from people/family about this photo saying how terrific it is, which is nice, but unfortunately we do tend to put our nicest photos on Instagram and Facebook.
They are usually carefully filtered, altered, and uploaded with appropriate tags such as 'love' 'family' 'cute' 'candyfloss' 'fucklookathowperfectweare'
Sometimes it's lovely to look at photos like this... on other occasions (usually where you look like shit and are having a rough day because your daughter did a sneaky poo in her nappy and you didn't realise until she'd spent the morning bouncing on it happily) you feel like shaking these perfect photo-taking people and shouting
'Shut up with your perfectness you dicks!'

So I thought I'd be honest, and reassure you that this picture is far from perfect...


The picture is artistically cropped because my Husband failed to point out that my pants were on show. They weren't nice pants either, they were comfy, well-worn pants with frogs on them.

I look like I'm about to sweep Nahla up into my bosom for a loving embrace, I'm actually pushing her away in an attempt to get her to stop pulling my hair.

The grass was soaking.

Nahla hated Daisies and showed her dominance over them by eating one.

We had walked for half an hour, in the heat, through a building site, for something to do whilst we waited for my Husband's car to pass it's MOT.

The car failed its MOT.

I had a blister the size of a terrier and the wind kept catching my dress so people got a good view of my frogs.

Here is an unedited photo from this scene that didn't make it to Instagram...

{You're looking for the frogs aren't you?}


  1. Oh my god I love this post! You have been writing differently recently but I really like the style :) it's a little bit sarky, very funny and so true xx

    1. Ah thanks! Thought I'd stop writing for an 'audience' as such and just write what I genuinely think/feel for a change, which is a load of rambling rubbish but it is a lot more relaxing :] xxx

    2. My blog basically became my diary but I like it this way. I just wish I could find more blogs like ours that just talk about the life stuff xxx

    3. There's tonnes of blogs out there, its just finding the good ones! I'm doing a fav blog list soon, you'll have to have a little mooch through! xxx